4 Affordable, Sustainable, & Ethical Clothing Brands (For Your Wallet)!

Rack of clothing in shades of nude and beige - 7 Affordable, Sustainable Clothing Brands

The Dilemmas of Responsible Shopping

It’s 2020 and fast fashion is quickly rising in awareness for its unethical, unsustainable, and overall problematic standards. And yet, it feels like the shift towards responsible fashion has remained just as gradual. Why is this so? Why do consumers not tend towards sustainable, ethical brands despite their awareness of the horrors of fast fashion?

A common reason is the prices. Fast fashion is known for its low prices and frequent sales, that allow consumers to ride their want for more, and more, and more. However, low prices do not equate to low cost. Rather, someone or something in another part of the world is paying for it instead. It may be an underpaid child working under terrible conditions, or the non-biodegradable packaging that fills up landfills – either way, ethical standards are consistently compromised.

On the other hand, sustainable fashion means paying fairly for labour and being accountable for environmental impact – all of which results in higher costs and prices. It is, unfortunately, largely inevitable.

Rack of clothes on sale at a store - 7 Affordable, Sustainable Clothing Brands


Top 4 Affordable, Sustainable, & Ethical Brands You’ll Love!

At PoweredByPlant, we believe financial barriers should never hinder one’s conscious journey. Sustainability should be inclusive, affordable, and available. For those on a tighter budget but still wanting to go sustainable, PoweredByPlant has curated the (hopefully perfect) list for you!


1. SOURCE Collections

Founded in 2016, SOURCE Collections is a fast-growing local sustainable brand, boasting sets of basic daily wear in both Women’s and Men’s. True to its name, SOURCE commits itself to ethical manufacturing by managing their factories themselves, in addition to providing full transparency of their supply chain on their website.

By emphasising ethics – with certifications, 8-hour working days, and more – it’s no doubt that SOURCE Collections would come to mind when considering Singapore’s sustainable fashion scene!

Price breakdown:

  • Women’s Tees: $42-$48
  • Men’s Tees: $38-$40
  • Undergarments: $22-$28

As they continue operating during this COVID-19 period, take the chance to claim for complimentary shipping for orders above $60! Check out their selection here.


2. Zhai

Zhai’s fashion arm was one of the pioneers of Singapore’s sustainable fashion landscape, having been in the scene for over 10 years. Locally designed and specialising in producing bamboo, linen and Tencel™ clothing manufactured from a small Malaysian studio, Zhai offers high quality, yet environmentally-friendly options in both Women’s and Men’s.

Price Breakdown:

In an attempt to clear their current inventory before closing down, they are having major sales! Take the chance to snatch some sustainable clothes for your wardrobe now!


3. Esse Signatures

Although on the slightly pricier side, Esse Signatures stands for all that PoweredByPlant loves – transparency, sustainability, and ethics! Whilst you can check out more of their Ethical, Sustainable, and Plant-based work on their website, we’d love to highlight the contribution Esse is making in shifting consumers towards slow fashion.

The founder’s realization of the toxicity of fast fashion was what first motivated the creation of Esse, and has since inspired the ethereal, yet timeless nature of their clothes. This means that the price you pay can definitely be stretched over a long time, making your money’s worth!

Price Breakdown:

First orders get 15% off, with free local tracked shipping for orders above $120. Shop now here!


4. Cosset

Cosset started in 2009 with a vision to provide sustainable comfort to everyday wear. Today, they continue to prioritise sustainable wear and shopping, offering high-quality bamboo fibre clothing and sustainable packaging, such as 100% organic cotton, for orders.

Price Breakdown:

Free US shipping is offered for orders over $100. Shop here!


Hopefully, this list of affordable and sustainable clothing brands will help you curate your personalised Ethical, Sustainable, and Plant-based wardrobe!

While shopping, it is important to remember to maximise what we already have. Have a wardrobe full of fast fashion? Do clothing swaps with friends or through online platforms, or rework them to spice up your style! While sustainable fashion shopping helps mitigate the detrimental environmental and social impacts, throw-away culture also plays a huge part in these issues that we have to combat, firstly by making use of what we have on hand before buying more.

Follow our blog for more tips on maximising the sustainable fashionista in you!

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