5 Best Clean Skincare Brands to Become a Glow Getter

It’s time to come clean about your beauty routine, plant baby – and that means absolutely no nasties in the clean skincare brands you choose.

What are clean skincare brands?

Wondering how to get that glow on with only simple, clean ingredients? Let us show you some of our plant-powered ways to switch your routine to a clean one. For starters, clean skincare brands, or clean beauty, contain all the feel-good, non-toxic ingredients without the nasties: parabens, fragrances, aluminum compounds, ethoxylated agents, formaldehyde, refined petroleum, hydroquinone, talc, triclosan, silica and oxybenzone. These ingredients are not only bad for your health, but extremely damaging to the environment too – did you know that sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) harms aquatic life?

Though, clean beauty does not have to be all natural. It means that clean skincare brands generally offer products that are safe for the people and the environment, usually with plant-based ingredients as the basic criterion to produce effective results. Though, they earn bonus points if their packaging is eco-friendly too! If that’s on your agenda, then we’ve got just the thing for you. Here are our top four clean skincare brands:


1. Oasis Skin

Oasis Beauty Kitchen is a clean and low waste brand.
Oasis Beauty Kitchen is a clean and low waste brand.

When you step foot into the Beauty Kitchen, you’ll find Hildra Gwee, founder of Oasis Skin, hard at work, concocting organic and natural ingredients to produce skincare good for the soul and body. Make no mistake – the brand gets their ingredients from farms and distilleries, and routinely performs microbiological testing on their products to ensure its cleanliness and effectiveness. Furthermore, about 95 per cent of their ingredients are imported from France which has strict laws regarding skincare. 

We recommend the Essential Moisture Oil with Hyaluronic Acid, perfect for hydration and giving your skin that plumpy, dewy goodness. Hyaluronic acid works by binding water to collagen, so make sure you’re applying it on damp skin! It’s also packed with sustainably sourced avocado and fine lavender oil, perfect for promoting collagen production while you kick back and relax after a long day. So if you’re looking for a trustworthy clean skincare brand – Oasis Skin is just the one for you!

Shop Oasis Skin here.


2. Upcircle

Clean Skincare Brand UpCircle's Coffee Body Scrub with Lemongrass
Clean Skincare Brand UpCircle’s Coffee Body Scrub with Lemongrass

Love drinking coffee? Well, try putting coffee grounds on your face! Oh, they’re a clean skincare brand alright – UpCircle repurposes leftover coffee grounds from artisan cafes all over London and breathes new life into them through their products. They’re definitely known for their coffee scrubs that will guarantee leaving your skin soft, smooth and refreshed. As it turns out, coffee grounds are great exfoliants: they do not dissolve in water, making them a great choice for scrubbing away dead skin cells. It also contains antioxidants, stimulants and chlorogenic acids that help prevent acne. Say goodbye to blemishes!

If that’s not quite what you’re looking for, don’t worry. Their caffeine-free products, such as the UpCircle Face Moisturiser with Argan Powder and Face Cleansing Balm for Sensitive Skin are equally effective and provide promising results. Still confused? Don’t worry plant baby, you can simply take UpCircle’s quiz to get yourself started. 

Shop Upcircle here.


3. Soapaholic

Clean Body Care Brand Soapaholic's Nourish Body Bar
Clean Body Care Brand Soapaholic’s Nourish Body Bar

Paint your bathroom with Soapaholic’s gorgeous soap bars and bath bombs! The brand boasts a wide collection of soap bars, depending on your skin type and hair type and contains only the purest, most natural ingredients. Looking for some fun? Check out their bath bombs! They have a range to choose from, so depending on your mood, you might want to pick up the Mint Rose Vegan Bath Bomb if you’re feeling a little princess-y. Or perhaps you’re the baddest babe on the block, then the Mint Musk Vegan Bath Bomb would be the perfect companion. Whatever it is, these bath bombs definitely got you feelin’ yourself. 

Purchasing from them also indirectly helps disadvantaged communities in Singapore: for every soap bar that you purchase, Soapaholic donates a soap bar to communities who need it the most. How’s that for a good deed and a clean skincare brand?

Shop Soapaholic here.


4. The Sustainability Project

The Sustainability Project Charcoal Mint Shampoo
The Sustainability Project Charcoal Mint Shampoo

Sustainability is the name of the game. The Sustainability Project is on a mission to “educate, transform, inspire” a low or zero-waste lifestyle – and they provide high quality, natural products while doing it! The brand’s main offerings are their visually appealing shampoo and conditioner bars that aid in detoxifying and cleansing, giving your hair a brand new shine. 

Anyway, since our planet is currently dealing with excessive plastic waste, now would be the best time to make the switch to shampoo and conditioner bars. Don’t worry plant baby, we gotchu! There are shampoos for different hair types, so if your hair is on the drier side, check out the Rose Shampoo Bar for Dry Hair. Or perhaps the Charcoal Mint Shampoo Bar for Oily Hair to remove all the nasties, leaving your scalp feeling refreshed. We then recommend following up with their Antioxidant Rich Basil Vegan Conditioner Bar to moisturise your hair without all the junk. Bonus: basil fights dandruff and contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, which is great if you’re looking for something detoxifying that won’t dry out your hair. To top it off, The Sustainability Project is part of the Zero Waste Initiative, so they have minimal to no packaging for all their products. It’s fuss free and environmentally friendly – what’s not to love?

Shop The Sustainability Project here.


5. Soul Good Project

Clean Skincare Brand Soul Good Project's Blue Tansy Oil
Clean Skincare Brand Soul Good Project’s Blue Tansy Oil

Founder Amanda from Soul Good Project believes that beauty journeys are constantly evolving and they are intertwined with an end goal of self-discovery. All their personal care and skin care products comprise of natural ingredients sourced from around the world. These pure and natural properties are not only gentler, but also safer on skin. To reduce plastic packaging: each product comes in recyclable glass bottle.

Her motto is by preserving nature’s abundance, our bodies and souls are cared for in return.

The 100% Squalane Oil is a weightless, hydrating multi-tasking plant-based oil is suitable for all skin types, from dry to sensitive to oily and acne-prone. The incredible squalane is sustainably sourced from sugarcane.

Shop Soul Good Project’s range here.

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