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Jessica on UpCircle Coffee Oil Serum

Skin Concern: Hyperpigmentation

After a week of using it, I’ve decided that it’s going to stay as a regular in my skin care routine!! definitely going to purchase more when i run out 😍!! Even after a few days, I noticed my dark spots from pimple scars fading and that my skin was glowing! This product is amazing for lightening dark spots and keeping ur skin hydrated when the average moisturizer isn’t enough.

Carla on UpCircle Coffee Oil Serum, Chai-Spiced Soaps & Coffee Scrub

Concern: Redness, Sensitivity

Honestly, I cannot thank you guys enough. Since having my baby, I have horrid skin and it was so upsetting. I have hyperpigmentation on my right cheek bone and upper lip. The redness and spots have gone and my pigmentations less visible.

Sital on Holistic Hair Range

Hair Concern: Post-partum Hair Loss

I used HH’s Scalp treatment oil 2 times a week and washed my hair with their shampoo and conditioner. I also used their herbal rinse concentrate and finished my routine by spraying the essential scalp spray onto my scalp everyday. Yay to hair growth!

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