WE label. hard.

Product is not tested on animals and does not contain any animal ingredients. All products on our platform are cruelty free.

Product does not contain any animal ingredients or animal by-products. All products on our platform are vegan.

Product ingredients are 100% plant-based. Product does not contain chemicals or artificial ingredients.

Product ingredients are organic (>90%) and comply with standards of organic farming.

Packaging is made from 100% recycled materials.

Product packaging is plastic free and products are free of microplastics.

Product does not contain any artificial or chemical dyes that give an unnatural coloring.

Products and ingredients are sourced in a responsible and ethical manner.

Product is free from any artifiicial fragrance or parfum.

Product ingredients are sustainably sourced via conscious farming methods

Product is 100% preservative free. More information under ingredients.

Product does not contain essential oils and is strictly fragrance free.



Chief Executive Officer

Being a vegetarian all my life I was inspired by my family to lead an ahimsa lifestyle – the ethical principle of not causing harm to other living things – and this fueled my passion for conscious living and coming up with innovative ideas to save the environment. Hailing from an immigrant family and travelling at a young age exposed me to the realities of the world where I saw children working in construction sites, chickens stuffed in tight cages on their way to slaughterhouses and chemical pollutants coloring some of the cleanest rivers.


Educating myself on social and environmental issues over the years has made me an amazing vegan cook where my parents are my personal taste testers (don’t worry, no parent was harmed in the consumption of vegan food in my house). I continued to extend my conscious lifestyle to make my beauty routine cruelty-free, sustainable and natural. Other than cooking, while I try out new skincare and makeup tutorials at home I hope many others hop on our journey to find the best natural eco-vegan products for our skin.


Chief Marketing Officer

I loved the taste of meat, but I also loved animals. Shopping for fast fashion was a cheap thrill, but I did not want workers to be underpaid and exploited. I loved my commercial brand lipstick, but I subconsciously refused to acknowledge animal testing. I was comfortable with the life I was living but something felt wrong about mindlessly scrolling for new food places to try, new clothes to try on and new makeup to wear.


Few years down the road, I am learning and trying to adopt a lifestyle that seeks to minimise harm to any form of living being and the environment. I also document my passion for this industry and plant-based eating on instagram.


To me, labels don’t matter. Regardless of what we stand for, most of us can agree on one thing which is bringing forth compassion; being compassionate about the people around us, the people who are responsible for bringing us our basic essentials and living beings that co-exist in this beautiful world with us. My hope is to re-imagine a planet where we do good, no matter the amount I hope to, along with my co-founder, Krish, make an impact by educating consumers and providing them with an eco-conscious one-stop platform to make that switch.