RdytoGlow Clari-tea Shampoo Bar for Oily Scalp


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Clari-tea vegan solid shampoo
RdytoGlow Clari-tea Shampoo Bar for Oily Scalp


Sooth your itchy scalp with this gentle yet effective solid shampoo bar. Organic French Green clay effectively eliminates dirt, build-up, dandruff, and toxins while balancing oil production to cleanse excessive oils without stripping the natural oils of your hair.

Product Details
Approx 50g
Lasts about 30-50 washes, depending on hair length and thickness.

How to Use
Wet your hair. Use hands or a sponge to get a foamy lather with the solid shampoo or rub the bar into your scalp. Use the lather to cover your hair and rinse carefully. To increase the lifespan of the bar and save water, switch off your shower while lathering up. Keep the bar dry between uses. 

This product comes in zero plastic packaging and recycled or compostable packaging is used for all orders. Whether it’s a recycled box or mailer, compostable mailer or recycled bubble wrap, RdytoGlow is dedicated to being as eco-friendly as possible to minimise waste.


Tea Tree & Thai Lemongrass Essential Oil: Antifungal and Antibacterial to help fight dandruff

Organic French Green Clay: cleanses dandruff and dirt without stripping hair of natural oils

Organic Natural Cocoa Butter: Keeps hair soft and frizz-free

Full Ingredient List:
Sodium Cocyl Isethionate (from coconut), Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (from coconut oil), Organic French Green Clay, Organic Natural Cocoa Butter, Behentrimonium Methosulfate (from rapeseed oil), Cetearyl Alcohol (from sustainable palm and coconut oil), Sodium Lactate (sodium salt of lactic acid), Organic Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Thai Lemongrass Essential Oil, Optiphen Plus (Paraben & Formaldehyde free preservative), Dried Lemon




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About Brand
On a quest to reduce single use plastic, RdytoGlow specialises in handmade cold processed soaps with aesthetic packaging. Their soaps are made with natural and skin-loving ingredients. Before making the switch, RdytoGlow's founder Valery suffered from eczema which is now better controlled as as she seeks to avoid artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals. RdytoGlow is part of the Zero Waste Packaging Initiative, a ground-up movement started to encourage businesses to adopt a circular packaging system, provide support and recognise businesses who reduce their waste through those means.