Ginger Clay Scrub Mask by WANT Skincare


WANT Skincare - Ginger Clay Scrub Mask
Ginger Clay Scrub Mask by WANT Skincare


Skin polisher full of antioxidants and doubles as a purifying mask. This dry ginger clay concoction stimulates blood circulation, rejuvenates and renew skin cells. Slay with oh-so-soft skin!

Benefits: Exfoliate and Detox
Suitable for Congested, Combination and Oily skin

How to Apply
Give it a shake prior to use.

As a skin polisher,
Shake to dispense a small amount of dry clay scrub onto finger tips and massage onto wet face in circular motions. Control the amount of exfoliation by adding more scrub gradually to exfoliate. Wash off with warm water. Slight redness may occur.

As a mask,
To activate the pore tightening and detoxifying properties of the mask, mix 2 tablespoons of formula with 1 tablespoon of The Facial Spritzer or water into a paste. Apply on cleansed face and wash off after 15 minutes. Call someone you love while the mask works its magic. Slight tingling and tightening sensations are expected.

For dry, dehydrated skin, add 2 drops of The Face Oil into the mask mix. Follow up with The Facial Spritzer and moisturise after with The Face Oil. Use once a week for each routine. Avoid eye areas and water getting into the container.

Always do a skin patch test in case of allergy.
Store in cool, dry condition.

Product Volume

-Recently switched from PET plastic bottles to glass bottles.
-Use minimal packaging for orders. Eliminated individual product boxes to reduce consumption and waste. Reusing packing materials like bubble wraps and boxes.
-Thank You note is printed on basil seed paper that you can easily plant.


Full Ingredient List: French green clay, bentonite clay, mangosteen (garcinia mangostana) powder*, açai (euterpe oleracea) powder* and ginger (zingiber officinale)**.




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About Brand
WANT Skincare is an ethical, natural skincare brand where their products are formulated from pure botanical oils and minerals, the ingredients are fair trade and sustainably sourced. They are free from chemicals, synthetic ingredients and water, reducing environmental damage as well as carbon footprint. By purchasing WANT's products, you are contributing to local communities and especially to women in cooperatives in Indonesia and Africa. They work with Bali WISE that empowers marginalised women through education.