Oasis Skin Ginger Solid Shampoo (Maxi)


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Oasis Skin Ginger Solid Shampoo (Maxi)


This shampoo canele is formulated with a specialized blend of herbs to combat hair loss and prevent further environmental damage. The formula features a high concentration of Amla, Stinging Nettle, Indian Pennywort and other nourishing herbs to stimulate the hair follicles and boost hair growth. Each shampoo is also rich in Organic Essential Oils of Ginger and Lemongrass to enhance blood circulation and strengthen your hair from its roots.

How to Apply
Wet the hair, rub the shampoo on hair and lather in. Rinse!

Lasts for 50 – 80 washes. pH tested between 6.5 – 7

Handcrafted in Singapore, Oasis Skin sources for high quality ingredients while ensuring their vegan skincare line remains low to zero waste. Their solid shampoos and conditioners come in FSC certified paper packaging and contain no plastics or microbeads. They save up to 70-80% water compared to a bottled option. 


Stinging Nettle: One of the best plants for preventing hair loss. Being rich in antioxidants, this extract helps to combat the free radicals that cause hair loss, while simultaneously feeding the scalp with a heathy source of Vitamin C. It is also rich in silica which helps to bring shine to hair.

Indian Pennywort: Revitalising hair cells and protect them from environmental damage

Amla: Also known as the Indian Gooseberry, this fruit is known to have an abundance of tannins and vitamin C, which is essential for maintaining a healthy scalp

Organic Ginger Oil: Contains natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and is excellent for keeping hair soft and healthy

Organic Lemongrass Oil: Reduces inflammation of the scalp and strengthens hair follicles

Full Ingredient List: Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (derived from Coconut), Organic Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Cetyl Alcohol (derived from Coconut), Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (derived from Coconut), Sodium Coco Sulfate (derived from Canola), Montmorillonite Clay, Behentrimonium Methosulfate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid (derived from palm certified sustainable), Organic Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Organic Urtica dioica (Stinging Nettle) Leaf Extract, Organic Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil, Emblica Officinalis (Amla) Fruit Extract, French Kaolin (White Clay), Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) Extract, Organic Zingiber officinale (Ginger) Root Oil, Organic Cymbopogon Schoenanthus (Lemongrass) Oil


21 reviews for Oasis Skin Ginger Solid Shampoo (Maxi)

  1. S (verified owner)

    I was having sudden increased hairfall during CB and after about 3-4 weeks of this, my hairfall reduced dramatically. Coupled with the Calendula + Bergamot conditioner, my hair feels cleaner and softer now.

  2. ZY (verified owner)

    This is my favourite shampoo by far as I have used many organic brands in the market and was so pleasantly surprised at how soft my hair feels after. Wasn’t expecting bubbles but there was a lot! My hair fall has also reduced which i am thankful for!!!

  3. Lyn O (verified owner)

    Got it for my bf to try and he likes it. There isn’t much of a lingering scent after but it’s ok since it’s all natural. I think his hair got a lot softer after he started using it!

  4. YC (verified owner)

    I’ve used many natural liquid shampoos over the years, most of which do not lather very well causing tangles, dry my hair out and just overall giving natural products very bad rep. I am pleasantly surprised that a solid natural shampoo can lather so well – my hair hasn’t feel so soft for a long time and I cannot get enough of the spa-like scent it has. Certainly got me converting into more of their bar soap products – feels great to be able to reduce my carbon footprint and enjoy a product that works !

  5. Sharon (verified owner)

    I have tried many types of shampoo bars since 2017 and I think I am most satisfied with this. My hair feel soft and smooth after washing. There seemed to have lesser hair fall too.

  6. Dave (verified owner)

    I moved to Singapore in 2018 and always struggle to find natural bath products. My girlfriend introduced me to this local brand and I’m glad she did because frankly it’s such a great brand with wholesome handmade products. I first tried out the ginger shampoo last year during boutique fairs and have been repurchasing ever since. I have to say that the new shape makes the shampoo last much longer so kudos to the team for always thinking of how to improve their products. Their ginger shampoo works really well for my hair and I feel that it has helped to introduce new hair growth which is always worrying for us dudes! I’m 100% recommending this for sure

  7. Nina (verified owner)

    I can see a real difference in my hair after I started using the ginger shampoo. My hair is growing so much faster now and I am also dropping less hair. I have to say that initially I experienced more hair fall than usual but I think that was my body getting rid of the unhealthy hair and after that wow what a change. A lot of people have made comments about how glossy my hair looks now so this is a shampoo I will continue using! Don’t change the formula oasis!

  8. Mel L. (verified owner)

    I got introduced to oasis by my cousin because I was losing a lot of hair recently due to work stress. Anyway I started using the ginger shampoo since April this year and it is working really well for my hair. I dunno if I am imagining things but it seems to be making my hair grow faster too? It has a pretty strong herbal scent so it is not for everyone but I like ginger so this is fine for me.

  9. Jenny (verified owner)

    Can’t believe it took me so long to reach for this. From the very first use, hair got softer, and my scalp is left fresh even after 24 hrs – something unheard since I’ve extremely oily scalp and limp, thin hair. Hope to see even better results after prolonged use.

  10. Lizzy (verified owner)

    I’ve been following this brand on ig so I was very excited to try out their shampoos, especially the ginger which I have heard so many good things about! I am so happy to report that it’s a really good shampoo and my hair agrees with it! My scalp feels less oily in just a week and I don’t even use a conditioner after. My hair used to tangle like mad if I don’t with other shampoos but this shampoo is just amazing! I love this brand in general because they have such great values and I love their messages about reducing waste and being all natural. Im recommending this to everyone!

  11. Alicia (verified owner)

    I started out using the Bluepea and Lemongrass shampoo which worked great for me. But as my hair started to grow out, i also started to experience abit more hair fall. So after chatting with the friendly oasis team, I decided to try out the Ginger shampoo and it really doesn’t disappoint. Hair fall has reduced dramatically and I was so impressed that I also recommended and bought a set for my hairdresser. After using for a month, my hairdresser has also reported back that he has also experienced much lesser hair fall! Awesome product!

  12. Jeanie (verified owner)

    I have used this for coming to a year now and my hair has never looked fuller. I can honestly say that my hair loss has reduced significantly and my husband is now starting to use this shampoo as well. I feel like trying out the other flavours but I am happy using ginger for now!

  13. Estee (verified owner)

    I have been using this shampoo for the past 6 months and my hair has never looked better. I used to alternate between a few brands at a time because I thought that it would stimulate my scalp and not get “too used” to any shampoo, but I realised that it is only because I didn’t manage to find something that works for me. So glad to have found this brand and this particular shampoo. Please don’t ever stop making this!!

  14. Geraldine (verified owner)

    best shampoo I have used so far. The ginger leaves my hair really soft and shiny without using a conditioner. It is also unreal that it is a solid shampoo which is truly zero waste. LOVE THIS

  15. Ng Ming (verified owner)

    This is an amazing shampoo – based on functionality alone, it’s so easy to use (especially compared to other solid shampoo bars I’ve used before) and lathers well (although that took some practice!). I love how clean and fresh it feels, and leaves my hair smelling great too – even my boyfriend loves smelling my head HAHA. I’m such a fan of oasisskkin – how wonderful is it to be able to support a local brand that is truly vegan and low-waste? I’ve gifted their items to several friends now and will keep returning for as long as I can.

  16. Rae (verified owner)

    I don’t normally bother with reviews but I feel that this shampoo is deserving of the extra effort of putting in a review. I am constantly looking for new shampoos to try because I never find one that I like. They are usually too drying, or leave my hair too waxy but this shampoo is a GODSEND. Within a week, my hair looks much healthier and feels very soft even without the use of a conditioner. It sounds weird but I cannot stop touching my hair. I have gone on to try the oasis skin skincare and I am sure I will love it as much as I love their shampoo!

  17. Kate (verified owner)

    I decided to try this because of great reviews on hair loss prevention as I have been noticing an increase in hair fall lately. I agree with a lot of the comments here that this shampoo lathers well and makes hair really soft and shiny. Also noticed that my hair fall has lessened. My only complaint is that it is quite troublesome to change to a solid shampoo but I will continue given its good effect on my hair. Can this also come in a liquid format?

  18. HC (verified owner)

    After using oasis shampoos, I don’t think I will go back to the supermarket brands again. My hair quality has improved tremendously and feels so soft and healthy. I never expected my transition to bars to be this easy so fingers are crossed that this shampoo continues to work well for me!

  19. Angie (verified owner)

    Came across this brand on instagram and decided to get the ginger since my hair loss is REAL. I felt a difference from the first time I used this shampoo, like my hair got so soft. I have repurchased this ginger shampoo a few times ever since because I actually see a huge reduction in my hair loss, and I have loads on baby hair growing out! Omg thnx oasis team!

  20. Rachel (verified owner)

    My hair was visibly less frizzy after using it and I even skipped the conditioner. This is the best solid shampoo I have used so far and I’m glad that this is locally made so it will be easy to restock

  21. Karen (verified owner)

    Suitable for wavy hair. My hair reacts easily to hot temperatures and gets frizzy/dry when I am under the sun for too long. I have been using this shampoo for a month and can already see a change to my hair texture. My hair has less tangles after a shower and is also less frizzy overall. I use this together with the blue pea conditioner and it works well for my curly hair. I want to try the rose next to see if it works even better for me

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Handcrafted in Singapore, Oasis Skin sources for high quality ingredients while ensuring their vegan skincare line remains low to zero waste. Oasis Skin is 100% vegan, cruelty free and uses only natural, organic and fair trade ingredients.