RdytoGlow Wildflower Blooms Vegan Soap


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RdytoGlow Wildflower Blooms Vegan Soap


Luxurious organic shea butter soap topped with a delightful mix of colourful botanicals. Scented with a refreshing and sweet citrusy burst of grapefruit, sweet orange and bergamot essential oils.

Only pure essential oils are used to scent these beautiful soaps. Made using the cold process method and by hand. Each bar is lovingly designed, created and hand cut by the founder.

The soap is formulated to give a moisturising yet bubbly feel that does not strip your skin.

Product Details
Each bar weights approx 80g. There may be slight variations in each bar as they are handcut and made in small batches.

How to Use
Make sure skin is wet and well-rinsed. Wet the soap and form a lather. Keep soap dry.

This product comes in zero plastic packaging and recycled or compostable packaging is used for all orders. Whether it’s a recycled box or mailer, compostable mailer or recycled bubble wrap, RdytoGlow is dedicated to being as eco-friendly as possible to minimise waste.


Full Ingredient List: Saponified Oils of Olive, Coconut, Rice Bran & Castor, Sodium Hydroxide, Water, Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Organic French Pink Clay, Sodium Lactate (sodium salt of lactic acid) Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, Bergamot Essential Oils, Dried Cornflowers, Chamomile and Calendula



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About Brand
On a quest to reduce single use plastic, RdytoGlow specialises in handmade cold processed soaps with aesthetic packaging. Their soaps are made with natural and skin-loving ingredients. Before making the switch, RdytoGlow's founder Valery suffered from eczema which is now better controlled as as she seeks to avoid artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals. RdytoGlow is part of the Zero Waste Packaging Initiative, a ground-up movement started to encourage businesses to adopt a circular packaging system, provide support and recognise businesses who reduce their waste through those means.