Sustainable Shopping at Brown-Owned Businesses in Singapore

Here is one way you can support minorities; pick up your favourite dress or buy cosmetics for a friend by shopping at sustainable brown-owned businesses in our local scene!

PoweredbyPlant supports the minority groups

Supporting our brown-owned sustainable businesses

Minority movements often are birthed from unpleasant events. 

The issues surrounding our minority groups have caused great uproar and resentment within the minority community in Singapore. As a socially and environmentally conscious brand that cares for people, we ought to speak up and elevate the voices of the community.

How do we support the minority community?

One of the easiest and direct ways to support the minority spaces is through sustainable shopping at brown-owned businesses. We are glad to share with you four brown-owned sustainable businesses that you can support in Singapore to purchase your makeup or clothing loots! 

Every one of these sustainable businesses have a strong cause to support and are absolutely dedicated in what they do. We were also dazzled by the unique and trendy collections that were put across. Supporting our brown-owned sustainable sphere is a way we can all take a step towards dismantling generations of systemic racism embedded in our society. 

  1. Shay Beauty Cosmetics
Sustainable Shopping and fighting for a cause, all at the same time when you shop at Shay Beauty Cosmetics | Image Credits:

‘’The Little Things Matter’’ 

Founded by Shay Bamadhaj, Shay Beauty Cosmetics is a sustainable eco-business that is admirably simple, hearty, affordable and youthful. Their mission is to provide vegan, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free makeup tools that are affordable and will make you feel empowered and beautiful. 

Recently, Ms Bamadhaj founded handsmedown cult Apparel to sell good condition second hand apparel at affordable costs to lower the vast environmental costs. 

They have acknowledged that the manufacturing of new apparel uses up resources, contributes to pollution and consumes large amounts of energy. The clear solution to this is to create another outlet for second hand clothing. 

In addition, they are also socially conscious – they are supporting the Yemen Humanitarian Crisis by donating 10% of the proceeds received! 

In sum, they save the planet and actuate their consciousness. Shay Beauty Cosmetics has inspired us in our eco-journey.


          2. Label Ishana

LABEL ISHANA is manifestation of the roaring campaign on ethical fashion, #whomademyclothes. | Image Credits:

‘’Nomadic, Timeless, Organic, Handmade’’ 

Founded and Designed by Ishana Rai Sethia, LABEL ISHANA is manifestation of the roaring campaign, #whomademyclothes. 

More about Ishana Rai Sethia

‘’An ardent ‘people watcher’ for many years, Ishana was always interested in the story behind someone or something and this is how LABEL ISHANA was born.’’

After Ishana’s extensive travels, she realized that the craftsmen in Bengal needed a voice. This led her to start designing simple silhouettes for a ‘girl on the move’. With no formal training in design or fashion, Ishana launched her debut collection at the India Story in 2016 and received an overwhelmingly heartening response.

This is the story behind Ishana’s work.

‘’LABEL ISHANA is the manifestation of Ishana’s many travels, her adoration for all the strong women in her life, her quest to find the perfect balance, her fascination with the generations of weavers and karigars in Bengal, her respect and curiosity for their craft and her pure love for fashion. With this label, Ishana hopes to tell their story and through their work, her’s too.’’


          3. Hafizah Ghazali 

Sustainable Shopping at brown-owned local brand, Hafizah Ghazali | Image Credits:

Hafizah Ghazali is Singapore’s first conscious model label – and this label is a firm believer of slow fashion. 

On top of slow fashion products, they engage with their planting partner, IUVA.SG to plant trees and contribute to a more sustainable supply chain. Trees are planted at The Leuser National park – the largest carbon sink in Asia, but is threatened by logging and accelerated expansion of palm oil plantations.

With a truly inspiring story, they ensure ethical sourcing and quality products. They work with small production houses with no more than 10 garment workers. The core of this initiative is liaising directly with the seamstresses. 

‘’Fashion liberates both worker and wearer.’’ is how they put it.

They go a step further by implementing a zero plastic policy. The clothes are packed in recycled carton boxes and no plastic poly-mailers are used when we shipping out items.

Read more about their initiatives here. 


          4. Sharifah Fazzeleen 

Sharifah Fazzeleen is the founder and esthetician of The Organic Room located in Bugis Cube. She is an organic beauty specialist who promotes the use of natural products, focusing on detail and quality for their clients. 

The Organic Room is a huge advocate for living an organic lifestyle, believing that our well-being and the environment do not have to be trade-offs. They have won a myriad of awards- the best natural scalp and facial treatment from The Beauty Insider in 2019 and was Vaniday’s preferred salon in 2017.

To all the animal-lovers, eco conscious and those with sensitive skin, The Organic Room is attentive to only select ingredients that are cruelty-free and organic with no harsh or harmful chemicals in their products. Read up more about them here.


The ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement in the United States has brought about global impact on minority voices. While some may feel detached from all the chaos and commotion, it is noteworthy that similar mindsets about colour prevail at home, though differently. Hope this article brings us closer to the change we need – working towards understanding and accepting each others’ differences. Let us focus on what we can control. 

We would love to hear from you if you have any other sustainable brown-owned businesses in mind. Simply email us at [email protected].

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